2020 Yangtze River Cruise and Ferry Starting from 79 USD p.p.!

Map of Yangtze RiverYangtze River

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Mystic Travel -Yangtze River Cruise

  For those of you going on to China ( or already there) if your looking for something well - mystical - I recommend the Yangtze river cruise for sheer splendor and spectacle .

Go sometime in April when the weather is temperate. You'll marvel at the mist in the morning surrounding the gorges that impose its majesty on its visitors. Bring a lap-top to ensure you have enough space for your pictures- your going to need it!

Your journey begins in Chongqding where you board the Victoria Katarina which will be your home for three lovely nights, this fine ship offers an array of shipboard amenities, including a lounge, panoramic observation deck, outdoor jacuzzi, fitness center and beauty salon. Cabins are well appointed and each has a private bath and balcony - perfect for viewing 120 miles of spectacular gorges as you float past the ancient cities and villages that dot the majestic Yangtze.

Along the way you'll pass Shibouzhaou's grand pagoda a breath taking monument built without the use of a single nail! Further on the demons in Fengdu's rooftops regard you with an aspect from beyond -tales
of ghosts and specters are common in these areas-(not for the faint of heart)

Arrive in Wushun and cruise through the stunningly beautiful Three Lesser Gorges then continue to the site of the biggest dam in the world. You disembark in Yichang and nicely round off your trip by flying out to Beijing , Shanghai or Hong Kong for some shopping.

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