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Getting to Yichang Airport from Yichang Cruise Dock Posted by Yangtze Cruise Specialist on April 24, 2010

How to get to Yichang Airport from Yichang Yangtze Cruise Dock? Whether you are a tourist, a business traveler or a resident of Yichang City, it is vital to know how to get to Yichang Airport. It may become easy if you familiarize yourself with a few key items. 1. By Taxi. Just simply follow the sign to taxi stand to take a taxi to Yichang Airport from Yichang Cruise. However, if anybody in the cruise pier asks that whether you would like a taxi or not, take care. They are always asking you to pay more money than normal. Only go to the official taxi stand. 2. By Buses Also, there are buses available at the same time, but it is not wise unless you can speak some simple Chinese. It may be difficult for you to make yourself understood by the others. Moreover, it stops at each bus stop for the passengers to get on and off. So that it will cost more time on the way. Make sure you have plenty of time. 3.Private Cars Rental Besides, you can also contact a private transfer service. If you are not willing to bother yourself about this after enjoying the relaxing Yangtze Cruise, and generally, just tell this to your tour guide who will be able to arrange that for you. Feel free to tell your needs to the travel agency which also can provide the private transfer service. It will take 45 minutes and around 230 RMB to Yichang Airport.