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Map of Yangtze RiverYangtze River

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Getting There

   The Three Gorges, which lie between Chongqing and Yichang, are the most popular Destination for tourists.Chongqing, one of the Municipalities directly answerable to Beijing, is the normal Starting point for the downriver Yangtze cruises. Boat departures are normally early in the morning so it is usually necessary to spend the night in Chongqing. The Journey through the Three Gorges to Yichang and on downstream to Wuhan takes Three-and-a-half days, while the upriver journey, from Wuhan to Chongqing, takes Four-and-a-half days. Following the completion of the San Xia Ba (Three Gorges Dam), and as a portion of the river becomes more lake-like up to 2009, upstream Speeds are likely to increase, and downstream ones to slow slightly. Night navigation will become possible in formerly dangerous reaches, and may lead to the rescheduling of boats other than those specifically for tourists. Check timings carefully to make sure you pass through the Three Gorges in daylight hours.


  Regular passenger boats (ban chuan) travel all the way to Shanghai. However, it should be noted that most of these boats terminate at either Yichang or Wuhan, and it is therefore necessary to book onward passages at these stops. There are tickets Offices at the piers. Depending on the type of boat and its schedule, the 1125-Kilometer (700-mile) journey between Wuhan and Shanghai may take up to four Days upstream and three days downstream.
There are daily sailings of these scheduled passenger boats in both directions from Wuhan, Nanjing and Shanghai. They serve all the Yangtze towns and indeed, for many of this town, the boats are the only viable means of long-distance transport, since the Ports are not all connected by motor able roads. Fares vary with the distance travailed.


  A more luxurious way of seeing the Three Gorges is to book on one of the many cruises Slips catering mainly to foreign tour groups. Most sail the stretch to and from Chongqing-Yichang, or asYangtze Cruise far as Wuhan. Several de luxe cruise lines offer longer Trips, some as long as nine nights, sailing from Shanghai to Chongqing, for instance. The boats operate from the beginning of January to November. Fitted out with private bathrooms for each cabin, air-conditioning, observation decks, gift Shops and bars, these ships offer arranged excursions on shore and other entertainments during the cruise.

  Bookings for all Yangtze cruises should be made well in advance, particularly for September and October, which is the peak tourist season. Although most people take these cruises as part of a group Tour, it is also possible to buy individual tickets for the cruise only.

Normal SHIP

  Normal Ship have three classes of accommodation. First class consists of two-berth cabins Furnished with bedding, a desk, two chairs and a wash basin. On some boats there is also a communal sitting room for viewing. Second class provides four-person Accommodation in two-tiered bunks with a wash basin. Third class provides eight-person Accomodation in two-tiered,but people in the third class should share the public wash basin with others.
Discount Cruise Because the normal ship tickets don't include the food service,the passengers had to have meal in a chaotic and noisy dining room of the ship. Bottled Drinks and snacks (biscuits, nuts and so on) are sold in the vicinity of the dining Room. It is a good idea to bring some of your own food which you bought in the supermarket in city. There is an unceasing supply of hot boiled water and air-conditioning on the normal ship.Unfortunately,there is no professional english guide on the ship.If the passengers want to find a economical way to travel Yangtze river,normal ship is a good choice,because the price of normal ship tickets is more cheaper than cruse boat's.


BY Air
Chongqing has an international airport. Charter services operate from Germany. It is usually cheaper to fly from Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Zhuhai than to fly from Hong Kong directly. There are domestic flights from all major cities in China.

The rapid expansion and modernization of the Chinese railway network has yet to make much difference to services to Chongqing. Trains south and west to Kunming, or south and east to Guangzhou pass on a single track line which is a miracle of Engineering through spectacular mountain scenery and remote and impoverished Areas. From Beijing’s West Station it's a overnight journey.

With China's rapidly expanding network of highways, travel by road became to be a good choice.


Yichang has air services an average of three times a week from Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Enshi, Guangzhou, Huangshan (daily), Kunming, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Zhangiiajie and Zhengzhou.

There are direct trains from various cities, including Wuhan, Xi'an, and Bejing, but many services require a change at the nearby junction of Yaqueling. From Wuhan Long-distance buses and overnight sleeper buses may be more convenient.


BY Air
China Southern Airlines flies three times a week from Fukuoka, and Air Macau has Flights from Macau. There are scheduled services direct from Hong Kong, but there May be charter flights run by China Travel Air Service Hong Kong. There are Domestic flights from major cities in China.

Wuhan is on a fast north-south route between Kowloon and Beijing West Railway Station, with comfortable expresses leaving Hong Kong daily and arriving at Wuhan the next day. You may not use the Kowloon service when coming south from Beijing, But there are several other services each day, and there are direct trains to Wuhan from other major Chinese cities such as Chengdu, Xian, Tannin, and Guilin.